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“Hitting the Nuts” comedy poker movie now out on DVD

Poker News Apr 3, 2011, Last Updated: Aug 22, 2014 No comments

An independent movie directed by comedian Joe Boyd brings the postmoden-American-Dream poker boom that has commercialized the industry down to its knees in fine form.

“Hitting The Nuts” has no qualms in using the mockumentary genre to hi poker where it hurts rather than big-up great hands, great players, Las Vegas or online poker operators, as other recent poker movies have tended to do. As the film’s Website says, the film “is the ‘true story’ of the annual illegal poker championship in Scott County, Indiana. When a poker player “hits the nuts” it means he can’t lose – that he’s a sure winner. This movie only pretends to be about poker. It is really about an outrageous group of blue-blooded American misfits who have spent a lot less time hitting the nuts in life. And a lot more time having life return the favor.”

The film has already hit the independent film festival circuit and has picked up two prizes, winning Best Feature Film at the2011 Derby City Film Festival and the Audience Choice for Best Feature Film at the 2010 Cincinnati International Film Festival.

According to the trailers and clips available from the film, the “Scott County Series Of Poker” attracts a number of local inhabitants and the mockumentary follows their preparation and the tournament’s impact on their, as well as the town’s and its other residents’, lives. An Amish father named Ezekiel Yoder needs to win the tournament to save his farm after one of his cow’s turns homosexual and a sexually transmitted disease kills all but one of the other other cows. The one that survives has no teets, leaving Ezekiel with a quest to make money quick. Carol Marshall is the local flirty waitress who has no problem in using her sexy charms to woo men at work and the male opposition at the tournament after being taught how to play poker by her grandmother.

Director Boyd commented in a press release: “The poker community has been burnt by a series of unpopular, terrible movies over the last five years. I think people like this movie so much because it takes nothing seriously. It’s a complete silly farce.”

“Hitting The Nuts” has not found a distributor after its debut at the Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg, Ind., and is now on release as DVD through its Website, hittingthenuts.com.


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