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Anna Chapman

Poker Players Jun 21, 2011, Last Updated: Mar 26, 2013 1 Comment

A little while ago a real life Russian spy ring, of long term sleepers was bust open in the US of A and if that doesn’t sound Flemingesque enough for one of the spies was super sexy Anna Chapman.

Anna Chapman

Anna Chapman

In days of old former Russian spies would slink back behind the Iron Curtain and vanish into obscurity (or even Siberia), but these days it seems if you’re hot enough you can become a celebrity, and a poker celebrity at that. “The scent and smoke and sweat of a casino are nauseating at three in the morning.” So wrote Ian Fleming in the opening to the first book of his James Bond series, however if you were sat at a card table with Anna Chapman, you probably wouldn’t mind the scent at any time of the night.

Shaken not stirred.

Redhead Anna was born Anna Vasil’yevna Kushchyenko in the Russian city Volgograd, (known as Stalingrad at the height of the Cold War)  her father was a diplomat (although some people imply he was a senior KGB agent), before going into spying Chapman earned a Master’s degrees in economics with first class honours from Moscow University. She then moved across to London in 2000/1, and seemed to be having a career in banking. It was while she was living in London, she  met Alex Chapman at a rave party in 2001 and they married shortly thereafter in Moscow. The marriage meant that the husky voiced, and delightfully accented Mrs Chapman gained dual Russian-British citizenship, and a British passport, useful if you’re a spy. Five years later she moved to New York and set up a small business in Manhattan near Wall Street.

Russian Spy Anna Chapman

Russian Spy Anna Chapman

Not long after Chapman’s spy ring was exposed and she and nine others were formally charged, and then swapped with Russia for some US spies (held in Moscow), in a spy exchange like in the good old days. With her cover blown and the world or espionage behind her, Chapman needed to find a new job. Russian Premiere Vladimir Putin, had said that Chapman and her former comrades would “work in worthy places” and have “bright, interesting lives” and he wasn’t wrong, nut he probably wasn’t expecting his agents to be appearing in Agent Provocateur lingerie in men’s’ magazines.

Almost immediately topless photos of Chapman appeared in U.S. and the U.K tabloids (leaked by her British ex-husband), and then came the steamy lingerie shots for men’s’ magazines, especially her appearance in Agent Provocateur lingerie in Russia Maxim Magazine which listed Chapman as one of  Russia’s 100 sexiest women and her own primetime TV show. However she did turn down a role in a pornographic film, despite being offered a “substantial” fee by the Vivid Entertainment. What she did say a big yes to was setting up her own poker app. Poker with Anna Chapman on the iPhone.  The game allows people to play poker against Chapman with the ultimate goal being a chance to add her on Facebook! Also as it’s a just for fun game as there’s no real cash involved poker tournament with real money on the line. The game was designed by the smart cookies at Zelda Inc. “The app appeared because Anna is a huge fan of Apple products,” said Angela Waters, marketing manager for Zeda Inc., the app manufacturer. “She has been using an iPhone and Mac for quite a while and has recently got an iPad too.”

FYEO (For Your Eyes Only)

While there’s plenty of poker to play the app is just as much about sexy Anna’s sex appealand there are quite a few pictures of Chapman in tight clothing, revealing tops, skimpy lingerie  and Bond Girl outfits. The game is being flogged with the lines, “Feel the thrill of playing poker with Anna Chapman, the real-life Russian Bond girl!  Find inside an exclusive collection of Anna’s photos in which she flaunts posh outfits and allows a glance at her social life with parties, shopping and more.” However if you fancy playing some proper poker look elsewhere, if you fancy a laugh and a bit of light relief (on a phone, without dragging your laptop EVERYwhere with you), you could do a lot worse. If you didn’t know how hot Chapman was you should know that she graced the runways of Russian fashion week 2011 at the Shiyan & Rudkovskaya show

Her people also claim that Chapman is a competent and skilful poker player, but while this may or may not be true (how can you trust a former spy) per profile and sex appeal puts her app ahead of Apple’s other Poker Games like Annie Duke’s Poker Tutor, the World Series of Poker’s Hold’em Legends, and the World Poker Tour’s Texas Hold’em.

As Bond himself might say “Splendid.”


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