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Live Texas Hold’em Poker tournament stopped due to alleged cheating

A Texas Hold’em tournament in Holland was suspended in order to remove suspiciously-acting players.

Coping with bad beats

The term bad beat in poker is reserved for the occasions when a player loses a hand despite being a strong favourite when the majority of the money went into the pot.

Pacific Poker

Creators of the well known Casino-on-Net, the 888.com gaming network are also the initiators of Pacific Poker, the poker gaming website of this large online gaming provider.

Dealing with Calling Stations in NL Hold’em

A calling station is someone that will not make a raise pre-flop unless they are sitting on a monster, will probably rarely raise post flop and will call you down if they hit any portion of the flop, including bottom pair with a weak kicker.

Multi-tabling with online poker and making a profit regardless of your limit

Playing Multi-table online poker can make a profit regardless of your limit.

Making a call based on the odds can pay you off big time in Limit Hold’em

If there is one thing that is certain in poker, it is that television and Online Poker have changed the complexion of the game forever.  Going back as little as ten years ago, ABC poker players were very successful.  As TV started showing horrible river suck-outs time and time again, the younger generation of poker […]

Taking a chance early on in a MTT Hold’em tournament

If you have spent any amount of time playing in MTT Hold’em tournament, you know how frustrating it can be when you make call downs on draws and they never hit.  The next thing you know your stack is down to nothing and you have little or no choice to go all in with a […]

NL Holdem Tournaments

If you are a poker tournament player you already no this, but there no perfect way to play a poker tournament. Whether you play online poker, in a casino or just in home games, you can’t win them all. To help improve your tournament game there is a few basic things you can do. First […]

Beginner Texas Holdem Leaks

Many beginning players will take up Texas Holdem Poker and then wonder why they do not win. They see what looks like a simple game on television and then they try to play the game and find out that they are just donating money to the game. Let’s take a look today at a few […]

Mistakes Made at Low Limit Texas Holdem

Most common mistakes made at low limit hold’em and how to avoid them.