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The Limp-Reraise in Holdem Poker

A tactic that I like to use in texas holdem poker, especially in sit-n-go poker tournaments is what is known as a limp-reraise.  This type of move is best used at a table where you have a player or a couple of players that do a lot of raising or that like to try and […]

The Transition to Live Poker Games from Online Poker Rooms

Poker Sep 17, 2008 No comments

If you are having success playing online poker there is no doubt you will eventually want to give a live action game a try. Beyond the obvious there are a lot of subtle differences between the games. You need to look beyond just betting patterns and look for physical tells your opponents are giving you. […]

Beginner Table Imaging

How are you viewed when you are sitting at the table? What are your opponents thinking about you? Answering these questions can help you understand how to win playing Texas Holdem. Whether you play online or in live games you need to create a table image or have a specific way you want to play. […]